Washington D.C.

Our Ohio based lobby group is supported locally and in DC for our clients who require national or DC lobbyists.

Columbus, Ohio

With access locally to the Ohio Statehouse and DC, our government relations clients have unparalleled access.
Business 2 Business Advocacy

Our approach is to bring long-term value to client relationships, facilitate ongoing plans for success and help to transform your business. In working with our experienced team we give you a competitive advantage by connecting your business to others for collaborative relationships.

  • Devise a strategic message;
  • Implement a critical path for clients to present goods and services;
  • Open doors at state and federal agencies;
  • Creative process to local, state and federal governments through established relationships;
  • Meet with the right people – the key decision makers;
  • Connect your business to others to grow collaborative relationships that enhance your business to secure state and federal contracts;
  • Associate & collaborate with colleges and universities to obtain research and grant dollars to increase growth of your business.