Washington D.C.

Our Ohio based lobby group is supported locally and in DC for our clients who require national or DC lobbyists.

Columbus, Ohio

With access locally to the Ohio Statehouse and DC, our government relations clients have unparalleled access.
State Advocacy

The Doyle Group has a strong presence in Ohio. We represent many organizations and companies with a variety of issues before the state legislature and state agencies.

  • Provide well-informed strategy and counsel on critical issues & legislative & regulatory matters that may impact the client;
  • Monitor and, where appropriate, provide legislative and regulatory input, as well as attend committee hearings, provide full reports;
  • Cultivate and maintain relationships and communications with the state oversight bodies;
  • Gain high visibility and establish a competitive advantage for your project or organization;   
  • Act on your behalf to present requested information about your project to the appropriate committee or government agency;
  • Assist & oversee in the drafting of legislative and regulatory testimony, white papers, news articles, letters and other legislative reports;
  • Continue to provide appropriate legislative/regulatory positioning opportunities for client including meetings with key players in the legislature and administration;
  • Consultation on behalf of the client in various aspects relating to funding needs, and identify other funding opportunities, such as grants grants, loans and other related funds that might be available;
  • Work on a bipartisan basis;
  • Associate & collaborate with other businesses to enhance, secure and increase your business growth;
  • Build coalitions through grassroots advocacy, direct lobbying, and identification of key allies and supporters.