Washington D.C.

Our Ohio based lobby group is supported locally and in DC for our clients who require national or DC lobbyists.

Columbus, Ohio

With access locally to the Ohio Statehouse and DC, our government relations clients have unparalleled access.
About Us

Our team-oriented approach to managing our clients' government affairs and legislative matters allows us to work in conjunction with them, keeping focus on their strategies and goals. Each associate brings a unique set of talents and abilities so that we are able to help best position these goals and projects to their fullest potential. 

Our dynamic team of professionals has many years of experience, relationships and success. The Doyle Group team is known for its record of results. We have served as elected state and local officials and staffed regulatory, legislative and executive branches of state government.  Our bi-partisan team's relationships means all those who need to know about your issue, concern, etc. will be contacted on your behalf. We are highly regarded and connected with current Members at the state and federal levels, as well as local and state agencies. 

We represent clients' legislative and regulatory interests at the state and federal levels of government. We represent clients from diverse industries including Insurance, Associations, Gaming, Health Care, Energy, Municipalities, Defense, Information Technology, Manufacturing, Logistics, Non-profits, and Telecommunications. 

Meet Our Results Team



Bob Doyle